Our attorney, Paul Hetznecker, a Philadelphia civil rights attorney, did an amazing job of protecting our freedom of speech, and First Amendment rights. Considering that we had been escorted into the privately owned mall, but were protesting a federally owned recruitment center, many issues came into play. Mr. Hetznecker spent months preparing his trial, actually serving a subpoena on the AEC to deliver the photos and video tapes of inside the center from that day… Mr. Hetznecker [also] made a brilliant closing argument… Freedom of speech, especially in these times, is an important and rare commodity. It's a tough fight, but we had to go there. We must defend ourselves at all costs, or else our voices will be silenced forever. And thank you to the Mr. Hetzneckers of the world for being there to defend it!Read More
Paul is a great lawyer and have gotten me off a DUI and resisting arrest case. I was a victim of police brutality and he was very knowledgable of my situation and help me to understand the court and laws of what was going on and what would be to come. I have him handling my case to go against the city and I believe in his capabilities to the fullest. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing a lawyer that will represent them with all abilities. He was recommended to me and I am glad he was the person to represent me. I have never been through a court hearing but to have a lawyer as him for the first time set a high standard for any lawyer that I may need in the future for any purpose but I will go straight to him for any case or situation I may have. Need a lawyer, choose Paul.Read More
Great professional of his field. I recommended two friends to Mr. Hetznecker and neither case went further than the preliminary
Paul represented me in 1994-95. I was 21 and charged with a serious crime and was looking at spending 40-80 years in prison. Paul helped me to receive the disposition necessary in order for me to transform my life. I ended up receiving 5 years probation with a stipulation for MH therapy. The years of help received enabled me to recover from years of abuse at the hands of the father of my children which led to my actions that resulted in my arrest. Since that time, I successfully regained custody of my children and transformed all our lives for the better, something I would never have been able to accomplish had I been incarcerated. I owe a great debt of gratitude to Paul for not only his great legal expertise but his compassion and care for his clients.
We are extremely happy that we used Paul's services. He is highly professional and knows the legal system inside-out. His work-rate was excellent and the outcome was the best we could have hoped for. His interpersonal and communication skills were very valuable. We would recommend Paul to anyone mired in the legal system. MK from PhillyRead More